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  • Jo276, Liver Bird FC 1892 [L.I], 12:00
  • nicolass, Torquay United FC, 21:07
  • Heph@, Imagine Dragons {~BV~}, 20:40
  • iveco, IVECO¤LV¤, 17:35
  • AlCapone, Arsenal [ELU], 21:00

5. Tadjou Chidimma

NameTadjou Chidimma
Nationalityng ng
PositionDFC (DS/DF/MD/FW LCR) - Defender, Central
Best footRight-footed
matches6 (540')
WarningCarton jaune
RetirementAge : 34
Potential72 72
Physical condition76 76%
General | Goa | DEF | THOU | FOR | PHY
Overall rating
ClubPSG Romu02[Eco]
FromVesontio Azur[ECo]
To the club since08/04/2014 19:30 (10 days)
Training ClubReal Madrid C.F. ~*
Contract£113469 until 27/05