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Virtuafootie is a free football management game. Recruit your players on the transfer market, develop your strategy and manage club life. From players training to finance management through infrastructure development, you will need to prove your talent and boost your team to the highest level. If you enjoy football, you'll love Virtuafootie. Here you can choose your league, set up your own cups, view your games, etc...

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FC Bayern Mnchen FC Bayern Mnchen08/09 00:35
Iron Maiden LV Iron Maiden LV31/08 10:04
lokkui FC lokkui FC29/08 18:10
Semender FC Semender FC23/08 14:47
Manchester City I Manchester City I13/08 16:37
Brasil Neymar Brasil Neymar10/08 09:15
Sanctum[MC] Sanctum[MC]24/07 04:45
Exeter United Exeter United17/07 22:32
Lebap_Uz Lebap_Uz05/07 09:16
PSG FC PSG FC03/06 19:13
fc $$"porto"$$ fc $$"porto"$$22/05 08:08
Clubs: 6614 - Online: 308
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1Vcr~~Rgm (='.'=) Vcr~~Rgm (='.'=)409 pts
2Hawaii Warriors Hawaii Warriors368 pts
3CSKA Moscou {~BV~} CSKA Moscou {~BV~}367 pts
4FC Aubry FC Aubry366 pts
5L&K} FC L&K} FC Bayonnais.com358 pts
6Pomlnb Team [ECo] Pomlnb Team [ECo]356 pts
7LR  Red'Boule LR Red'Boule 356 pts
8US Riviere [BEL] US Riviere [BEL]352 pts
9ZoOlOoK FC /(^.^)\ ZoOlOoK FC /(^.^)\348 pts
10Jour de Foot -H- Jour de Foot -H-346 pts
11Bl@ck St@rs [BEL] Bl@ck St@rs [BEL]342 pts
12Slayer Faceless Slayer Faceless333 pts
13Stef38 ES LV Stef38 ES LV330 pts
14Red and Black  -H- Red and Black -H-329 pts
15axoTeam LCDA axoTeam LCDA329 pts