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Virtuafootie is a free football management game. Recruit your players on the transfer market, develop your strategy and manage club life. From players training to finance management through infrastructure development, you will need to prove your talent and boost your team to the highest level. If you enjoy football, you'll love Virtuafootie. Here you can choose your league, set up your own cups, view your games, etc...

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flesh flesh17/07 08:22
Pglenn18 FC Pglenn18 FC07/07 15:50
FC Lotus Blossoms FC Lotus Blossoms30/06 09:01
Olimpia Satu Mare FC Olimpia Satu Mare FC27/06 11:03
France France26/06 09:38
Club African FC Club African FC21/06 14:51
Mikael Leduc FC Mikael Leduc FC18/06 21:09
PSG FC PSG FC03/06 19:13